Animation can make a website more interesting and impactful, encouraging visitors to linger and more likely to buy your services.

In these demonstrations , (Gardening and Landscaping, Dog Walking, Plumbing and Heating Services), CSS has been used to add a little spice.

The Booking (Appointment) Calendar is used, in this instance, for dog walking services, but can be adapted to most scenarios.


Home Page

Photograph by: Kate Sarah Adams


Gardening and Landscaping

Photographs by:  Erda Estremera, Christian Widell, Annie  Spratt, Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash.

Green Man plaque by:


Dog Walking

Dog drawing by: Oleksandr Pronskyi

Doggy fonts by:

Photographs by: Alvan Nee, Wyatt Ryan, Hannah Lim, Andreas Vendelbo, Mark Zamora, Bryan Hanson, Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash.


Plumbing and Heating

Photographs by: Pan Xiaozhen and Parvesh Kumar on Unsplash.


If you are interested in any of the demo sites, please contact me via the contact form.  All things are possible.